Lifestyle - CTN Family Television Overview

CTN is a family of television networks that preach the Gospel through anointed pastors, worship the Lord through inspirational song, and edify the body of Christ with Biblical and entertaining programs for the entire family. In addition to the main CTN network there is also an international channel known as CTNi, a channel focused on protecting the eyes and ears of viewers called Lifestyle - CTN Family Television, and several individual shows produced by CTN to educate, inform and empower (The Good Life, Homekeepers, Herman & Sharron, Christian Fitness, We' Got Next, You and Me).

The average American watches more than four hours of television each day. Homes are being invaded and bombarded with profanity, immorality and images and messages that are unsuitable for children, teens and adults. That much negative influence is having a detrimental effect by decaying and eroding the values of the family. That's why the Christian Television Network has launched LIFESTYLE – CTN Family Television! A safe environment where you can watch news, sports, health, nutrition, worship concerts and movies all in one place without worrying about offensive promos or unbiblical subject matter. LIFESTYLE is a sort of watchman, guarding the eyes and ears of viewers with programs that inspire, uplift and edify the entire family, encouraging them to live a complete Christian LIFESTYLE.