Kevin Gerald & Benny Perez | Leadership & Culture| Wave Conference 2011

Pastor Benny Perez loves Jesus and it is in that love that he has been called one of the leading voices to this generation. His ministry has been marked by unique ways of ministering, and God has used him as a means to bring revival and genuine transformation in the hearts and lives of thousands.... Read More

Wave Conference is Here: Kevin Gerald is here: Benny Perez is Here: Benny Perez is Lead Pastor Here: Watch Full Episodes of the TV Show here: Church Sunday Live Stream: http Music Courtesy of Illect Records: Theory Hazit - One For Jerome Tags: Kevin Gerald, Champion Centre, Tacoma, WA, Washington Wave Church, Benny Perez, BPM, Virginia Beach, Virginia Church, Steve Kelly, Illect Records, Las Vegas, Pastor, Church South Las Vegas, Ministry, Vlog, Video Blog, August, 2011, HD, zi8, lens hack, sean cannell, Rodemic, Fellowship Church,