How To Be A Great Dad

Practical tips for living a joy filled life and amazing interviews with people who do.

Keith Zafren and Patrick McMillan share why they decided never to become fathers, how they became great ones – and you can too. Charles Daniels shares his journey to overcome his anger at his absent father and how he turned it into a positive for other fathers. ■What is a father wound? How do you know if you have it? ■The steps you must take to heal that wound to become a great dad ■Three key components of a fathers blessing, why you need it, how to give it to your children. ■How to be a great dad – simpler than you think. ■The father movement beginning all over America and Europe ■Charles Daniels shares how Fathers Uplift is changing the face of the inner city family ■How you can get involved with The Great Dads Project and Fathers Uplift