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How Do You Like Me Now? When a Child, Parent, Spouse or Sibling Says They're Gay

This outreach is designed to address 2 distinct populations: 1. The Body of Christ - equipping the Church to more redemptively minister to sexually broken people through training and real-life testimonies. The program features many experts and the personal life stories of real people who illustrate God’s way of escape for those who are entrapped in addictive and dysfunctional lifestyles. It airs in Nashville, nationwide and internationally on 10 TV networks. 2. Sexually Broken People - showing them how God saves, heals, sets free and transforms the lives of those who turn to Him with a heart of repentance, and how He empowers them to lead a life of grace, love and purity. The result will be radically changed people who have gone from despair & bondage to joy & freedom -e.g., some will no longer live as sex addicts and many will be set free from the emotional pain of sexual abuse. Visit us at:

Sexuality expert Joe Dallas leads us through a field of testimonies from those who have learned that a child, parent, spouse or sibling is gay. While this situation comes with no easy answers (especially when the loved one is resistant to receiving help), this film provides many living examples of how to handle what seems to be an impossible situation. Includes a special interview with radio host and Christian counselor Stephen Arterburn, who tells the story of his gay brother, who died of AIDS.