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GOD is Like Whoa Feat. JLove & Hilgy

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BRM (Brandon R Music) created “God is like whoa” because he has witness God demonstrate His love for him time after time again. He wanted to create a song praising him in a cool way so that his peers can relate and use the phrase as a symbol of God’s greatness. “God saved my marriage, which was all but over. After all the lying, cheating, and sin, I was shown a supernatural forgiveness from my wife which could have only come from GOD. I was kicked out of my house and headed down a road I thought I never would be on. When I met my wife at a park one day, I broke down because she offered me her forgiveness. I not only felt it from her but I felt GOD in that moment as well. He softened my heart to hear what my wife was saying to me and I felt just an overwhelming thankfulness to her and God. I thought to myself only someone who has the holy spirit inside of them could show this kind of grace, love, and mercy! I was blown away. God has blessed my marriage, given me two wonderful children, a job, a music ministry, and a wonderful church community. God, is Like Whoa”. See full publicity at