Famine In The Land by Guest Speaker Pastor Brendan Bagnell

Jeff Wickwire has authored six books, including The Windshield Is Bigger Than The Rearview Mirror and Friendships. He also hosts the daily radio program, LifeTalk that can now be heard throughout the Midwest and parts of the west coast. Jeff is the founder and senior pastor of the fast-growing TurningPoint Church in Fort Worth, Texas. A creative and inspirational Bible expositor, Pastor Jeff is well known for his ability to use illustrations that capture the imagination and make Bible truths come alive.

January 28, 2015, Title: Famine In The Land by Pastor Brendan Bagnell It is no secret that famine is still a problem in the world today. The majority of the famine in the world is in developing (or third world) countries. However, there is a famine that exists in developed countries, and in particular, in wealthy western nations. But this famine is a secret. It is one that most people don't talk about, but it's impact is greater than the food famine that is widely know.