Ep. 41 - The Healing of Pride!

Katie Souza: Healing Your Soul – Real Keys to the Miraculous is the weekly Television Broadcast of Katie Souza Ministries. This program teaches cutting-edge revelation on the wounding of souls, and how to apply the blood of Jesus, and Dunamis power that comes from the resurrection, to cause... Read More
Healing Your Soul Episode 41 "Enough With The Arguing Already" Episode 41 is the final episode of Katie's 5-part series about how everything from sicknesses, relationship issues, mental disorders and even financial disasters could be coming from curses operating in your life. This episode focuses on the junk that gets stirred up when we seriously go after healing in our lives. Katie will show you through scripture and all kinds of personal experiences that this stuff is real. She won't just leave you hanging! Each episode has practical steps, prayers and decrees that lead you to dramatic breakthroughs you've been looking for. Stay tuned through the entire episodes so you don't miss out on any prayers for your victory. And remember--It's not a matter of IF you get healed, it's only a matter of WHEN. KS www.katiesouza.com