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Don Perkins On Bible Prophecy

According To Prophecy Ministries is a Bible based ministry that focuses on the teaching and proclamation of God's prophetic truth, and topics related to the End Times.  Evangelist Perkins brings the study of Bible Prophecy down to earth with a simple but thorough... Read More

Don Perkins on Prophecy is a collection of six short video segments that offer a Christ-centered, Biblical approach to understanding Bible Prophecy. Evangelist Perkins serves on the Board of Directors of Blue Letter Bible Ministries. In this short video, Evangelist was asked six key questions about Bible Prophecy. 1) The Supremacy of Christ in Bible Prophecy, 2) Interpreting Bible Prophecy 3) Bible Prophecy: Proving the Validity of Scripture, 4) Israel: The Number One Sign of Bible Prophecy, 5) Differences Between the Rapture and the Second Coming, 6) Unbelievers and the Tribulation. Each question and answer is designed to give you a better understanding of God's word related to Bible Prophecy.