Christmas Toy and Coat Give-a-way - 3 Locations in Henderson, NV

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The Church at South Las Vegas: Helping our community is a core value of our church. The Christmas season is full of so many great things like family gatherings, food, shopping for gifts and of course gathering as church to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the centerpiece of our faith. But I feel it is also vital that we remember those in need this season. Check out this recent video with Pastor Henry Sneed and Amanda Walker talking about The Church LV Christmas Outreach Opportunities. Let's be intentional as we enter into the 2012 Christmas Season to invest in our community. Here are some details about what we are doing as a church, opportunities to give, and ways to get involved. The Church LV Toy and Coat Drive: Christmas is approaching fast and this year we want to make a bigger impact on our community than ever before! Our goal is that no child at our church or Roundy and Sewell elementary schools go without something to open on Christmas! So we are collecting New Coats, New Toys and Financial donations until December 9th. Action Items: Donate New Coats, Toys, Board Games and/or Money by December 9th. You can give online HERE. Nominate a Family at The Church LV: Do you know someone who needs a little extra help this Christmas season? We are hosting a special Christmas store this year, which will provide FREE new toys and gift cards to families in need. Nominate yourself or someone you know Starting December 8th and 9th at church. We will <b>...</b>