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Christ In Bible Prophecy

According To Prophecy Ministries is a Bible based ministry that focuses on the teaching and proclamation of God's prophetic truth, and topics related to the End Times.  Evangelist Perkins brings the study of Bible Prophecy down to earth with a simple but thorough... Read More

Evangelist Perkins, taught a powerful prophetic message Christ In Bible Prophecy. This message clearly reveal prophecies of Jesus Christ in the Old Testament. Did you know that Jesus fulfilled 300 prophecies in the O.T. leading to His first coming and the Cross? Evangelist Perkins takes you on a journey in the Old Testament as well as the New to reveal Jesus like never before. He give many O.T. Prophecies that reveal in minute detail the life of Christ. Prophecies of His Birth, Childhood, Ministry, Death, Resurrection, and His future. As the Scripture teach in Hebrews 10:7, Jesus is written in the volume of the book.