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#CIAtrustworthy President Elect Donald Trump has been attacked for his statements on the trustworthiness of the CIA reports about Russian hacking. Lt Col (RET) Tony Shaffer former CIA will weigh in on this and on how Trump's Presidency will help or hurt our intelligence agencies.
#DemsAtWar The Democrat party has suffered massive losses over the past four years and yet they are doubling down. Jeff Crouere Political Ringside host on WGSO 990 AM joins Pastor Greg to discuss the Democrat build up to attack Trump.
#Whereistherealhate Pastor Greg discusses where the real hate seems to be coming from and how you need to be prepared to deal with it.
#TheVoid George Barna has been doing polling and research for many years and with the close of the election the mission shifts back to identifying cultural influencers. Who do Christians wish would have a greater impact on them and the world around them?