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#ConfrontingCorpAmerica Justin Danhof General Counsel for National Center for Policy Research joins Pastor Greg and Megan Barth to discuss the Corporate effect on policy and how the left has stolen the board room while the right sits it out. National Center is doing something about it by attending stockholder meetings and pushing back. Here about their interaction with Bob Eiger Disney CEO. Also Megan Barth updates us on the ITIN issue where illegal immigrants are receiving as much as $20,000 from the IRS in tax returns by claiming up to 10 dependents without any real evidence of their existence.

#2ndAmendment Larry Pratt Gun Owners of America joins Pastor Greg to discuss the good news for gun owners under the Trump administration. Positive steps being taken by POTUS to secure our right to keep and bear arms.

#SeditionTreason Michael Connelly US COnstitutional Attorney joins us to discuss whether the actions of the liberal left constitute Sedition or Treason. Are we looking at actionable offenses. Also when will veterans unjustly stripped of their second amendment rights join SS recipients in having their rights restored?

#CharacterMatters Dr Andrew Jacob joins us to discusses spots psychology. Winning, losing and improving. What is the right age? What is the right message? How do these issues effect professional sports and the players.