Aydrien' Banks- Jessie (I Promise Album)

Who is Aydrien' Banks?

Aydrien’ Banks is an All American Christian Recording Artist, Actor, Director, Fitness Model, and Entrepreneur formally known as “Oneshot Bk Reppa!” While using the name Oneshot Bk Reppa he rose to fame and was managed by Busta Ryme’s manager. In late 2013 Oneshot Bk Reppa parted ways from “Busta Rymes manager” and changed his name to Aydrien’ Banks. Now Aydrien’ Banks is back with a new name.

Aydrien' Banks Testimony

I remember the first time my dad told me about God. He would sit me down and read biblical stories to me as a child, it would peak my interests. By the age of seven I was already very much in love with Jesus! Although God was already directing my life, I didn't really go to church and neither did my parents. My mom wasn’t yet a Christian and my dad worshiped the lord, but didn’t have a church to call his home. One day I had some close family friends take me to church with them and the rest was history. The church that I attended was called "Emmanuel church of Jesus Christ" located in the state of Delaware. Soon after my first visit I began going to the church on a regular basis, and by the age of 14 I was baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost, according to the apostolic faith. Although attending church now on a regular basis I was a troubled child and that’s when things began to take a turn for the worse for me. I was15 and my parents enrolled me into a catholic school and this begin the worst year of my life.

Here I was an African-American in a primarily white Catholic school and these school days were not easy days for me! Every day I would get teased, I remember between 5 to 10 students standing around teasing me on a daily occurrence. Teachers would also at times disrespect me and this was more than I could bare to take. Shortly after all the excessive bullying I began to skip class. I would lie on the floor of the bathroom and cry. My grades then began to suffer from all the stress. My scores on test had dropped from being in the high numbers to 20’s and 30’s. The stress became so bad that I began to develop terrible acne, which had me looking like I was a completely different person than I was. The stress became so intense that I was on the verge of taking my own life, but instead I decided to direct my hurt and my anger and put it all into making music. Music was able to express all the pains that I was going through, and it gave me way too escape life. One day the hurt and anger got the best of me and I had enough and I started to become violent, anyone who teased me students and teachers alike, if you disrespected me it was my intent to hurt you. The young, nice, innocent kid inside of me was gone and my heart was broken and highly wounded. My behavior would eventually catch up with me, I got into too many fights that I was put on academic probation. My parents agreed to take me out of the school. My parents felt sorry they ever enrolled me into that school. For the Rest of high school I attended another school where everything was much better there. However the pain from my following experience always seemed to follow me.

I again began to really drown myself into my creating my music. I participated in local shows, and became really popular on social media sites, Myspace and YouTube. People started recognizing me wherever I went. As time progressed I became more passionate about my music. I began developing a core fan base all around the world through the power of the World Wide Web. By the time I was 18 everything in my world would change, people who used to tease me were telling others in the barbershop how much they loved my music  a me. At 19 I had created a song with LiL Wayne’s Label group “Young Money”, featuring lil Chuckee & Donnie Klang, from MTV’s making the band. My popularity grew so quickly, that I was invited to the Chris Browns Fame after Party. I was living life on top of the world and the best feeling of all was knowing that the people who teased me where now watching me on TV. Soon to follow I was introduced to Busta Rhymes manager AKA “Special”, he took me under his wing, and had me ready to sign a major record deal. Although I was still making secular music I could feel God was still with me. Similar to how God was with Moses before he realized he was not Egyptian. I was working on my first album in the studio with “Special”, to be released as a major artist.

I was very close to signing with a major record Company but before I did I decided to go to church. I wanted to make sure God was happy with every decision I made. Even though I was making secular music, I somehow pretended that God would make an exception for me. I wanted God to bless me, but also wanted to be a famous secular recording artist at the same time. On the way to church one day I was in the car praying, I asked God to direct me, “Dear God should I continue to make secular music or should I quit?”.  The next day I went to a church in Maryland called “Abundant life Worship Center”. I went up for alter call, and a woman came and stood next to me a women I had never seen before. She turned to me and said “God says he wants you to rap for him, make music for him”. I was amazed by her words, to me as I had just asked God this same question in the car. This lady didn’t know anything about me, she didn’t even know I made music so I knew it was straight from God.  From that point on I gave up secular music and started making music for “Jesus Christ”. I also started making Christian films, and doing anything I could to spread the news of Jesus Christ. I gave up everything to follow Christ, the fame, the money, the opportunity. I changed my music name to Aydrien’ Banks and now use my gifts for Christ. I am now married at age 23, and looking forward to the plans the lord has for me. 


Aydrien Banks is a Christian Recording Artist, Actor, Comedian, Director, Fitness Model, &Entrepreneur!! Download "ipromise" Album Free:http://www.mediafire....