Andre & Jenny Dec/Jan Gift Promo

FAITH BROADCASTING NETWORK is a family of premier Christian television channels bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to homes on the continent of Africa and beyond. FAITH BROADCASTING NETWORK is broadcast through FaithAfrica (DSTv 341), ClearTV (Sentech free-to-air platform) and FlowTV... Read More
Gift for December / January - "God is Love" In order to experience any form of spiritual growth or increase and see the power of God manifest in our lives, it is essential for us to grow in our understanding of who God is. God is love and every act of goodness and kindness, healing and deliverance, even creating the universe was and is still today motivated by the powerful force of love. To know God is to experience His love in your life and it is by this love that we are to operate as His chosen vessels of healing and life on the earth. This teaching 'God is love' is a powerful one that will enlighten you concerning the most powerful force in the universe -- the love of God. to buy this product go to