A Tropical Amazing Grace - Amazing Israel, including verses from the Psalms

David Yakobian grew up in several countries, speaks several languages, and has lived among people of many cultural and religious backgrounds. A self-taught professional musician and videographer, David crossed the globe and recorded all 150 chapters of the Biblical Psalms in each culture with prominent members of society, including recording the original Biblical Hebrew in Jerusalem with Moshe Timor,"the voice of the Bible".​

Fifteen years ago David began to develop and produce user-friendly, accessible, and engaging multimedia versions of the Psalms, the premiere “self-help” book for humanity. He combines Bible-based psychological insight with these ancient texts, to link the practical and inspirational wisdom and answers in Psalms with hundreds of specific life issues--to help people in any situation, time and need. Now this project encompasses 3000 individual products, in 21 languages and versions.

Two years ago David released audio-only tracks to a digital distributor to see if the world would find and use this content without any marketing and social media support.

60 million people in 225 countries have listened so far. For David this is very rewarding and confirms his calling. The most rewarding thing for an artist is not self-glorification, but serving others.

Currently there are 35,000 tracks available on all online media, in addition to the 3000 DVD and audio CD products he has developed to make the content available any place-any time. David’s music also appears in 18 major movies and TV shows.

David seeks business partners to manage manufacture and marketing of this Psalms Project, freeing him to devote himself to the creative vision and artistic production of its content.

Seeing is believing... To me believing is seeing. This is what you about to experience once you watch this clip... Unbelievable sites, which make you want to be there right now! Amazing Grace and Amazing God's gift called, ISRAEL. You'll hear a tropical rendition of amazing grace scored to sites from Israel. Your eyes and your ears will be in a complete sync. To see more clips please visit "my home", wwsmedia.org You're welcome to download clips and share with friends and family. Your comments are very valuable to me. Thanks, Warmly, David - Producer