Time with Theresa - Isaiah Smith 10-2012

It was a pleasure interviewing Freelance Filmmaker Isaiah Smith of Isaiah Smith Films on Time With Theresa. Be inspired by the creativity and excellence of Isaiah's work as we take a look at work he has done thus far and watch the clip of his and Harmini's upcoming film, 357! Isaiah is a delightful young man with a great future ahead of him in the entertainment industry.

Pearls of Shalom Ministries is an innovative 501 (c) (3) ministry of healing and restoration that God is using to reach wounded hearts.  Together, Founder Theresa Westbrook and her supportive husband, Don Westbrook,  are making a difference in the lives of those seeking peace and wholeness.    A survivor, herself, Theresa's life is one of turning tragedies and hardships into spiritual treasures.  As an Advocate and motivating Minister, she is an inspiration to many and has shared her remarkable story and Biblical teachings on a number of platforms.  Her ministry resources include her first book, A Strand of Pearls and her music video, God's Pearl, which shares Theresa's pesonal story of overcoming childhood abuse and her latetst publication, The Advocates...Of the Abused and Silent.  These ministry resources pull at the heart-strings but ultimately ends in joyous victory!    Today, Theresa fulfills her call and mission to reconcile, restore, refresh and release others through Jesus Christ.  She is making an impact in society by hosting empowering meetings and her local cable faith based television program, "Time With Theresa."  Be sure to to visit www.pearlsofshalom.com or www.theresawestbrook.com for more details about Theresa Westbrook and Pearls of Shalom Ministries.