Teddy Kollek Award Ceremony 2010

Honoring recipients of the 2010 Teddy Kollek Award at the Knesset: David Bernstein and Paul Zuckerman (United Kingdom); Albert (of blessed memory) and Elba Cuenca (France and Uruguay); Dr. Michael Hauepl, Mayor of Vienna (Austria); Samuel Josefowitz (Switzerland); The Rashi Foundation (Israel); and Robert de Rothschild (United States of America)

We believe in a Jerusalem that is pluralistic, vibrant, modern and economically flourishing.  We live and breathe Jerusalem, the spiritual center of the Jewish people.  We look beyond its daily complexities, identify its ever-changing needs, devise solutions to address them and improve the quality of life of its residents.   To achieve our mission we focus on goals that advance the city we serve including including community-based projects where we aim to bridge gaps in education, employment and access to services, all while empowering residents.   Visit us at www.jerusalemfoundation.org to learn more.