5 Unusual Ways to Love Your Enemies, Build Loving Communities

Practical tips for living a joy filled life and amazing interviews with people who do.

Five Unique Ways to Turn Irritating People Into Friends You Love. Really. I know you don’t believe it’s possible. But it is. Try it and find out. It isn’t about balloons! That’s Meredith Fraser on the launch day for her simple community program that overcomes hate and builds strong loving communities. Five Unusual Ways ■Two Prayers God Always Answers from the book In His Footsteps ■A new way of seeing ■The one choice no one can take from you ■Meredith Fraser’s simple program for overcoming hate in communities Meredith Fraser’s Overcoming Hate Program that’s now spreading around the world ■What the program is ■Why this program works at little or no cost ■How she got the community involved and over 100,000 people participated ■A seven year old boy shows us how it’s done