Atlanta Dream Center - Episode #122

Pastor Chuck Reich and Pastor Paul Palmer meet at The Atlanta Dream Center (ADC), founded in 2003. The Dream Center exists to reach the lost, rescue those in need and restore the brokenhearted. They do this through three major ministries, iAm (men), Out of Darkness (women) and Metro Kidz (children).

At the ADC, people's lives are impacted through the power of the Gospel. We know that to do this, we must abide in God’s presence and seek divine direction in all we do. Our team is unified in our commitment to walk in honesty, humility and holiness and to show honor and compassion to all those we meet.

Our supreme desire is to share the love of God with everyone we meet so that they, too, will follow Him. We believe that love is an action word. It is the guiding principle behind all we say and do. It is why when we see a need, we act, and why it is our overarching desire is to reach the lost, rescue those in need and restore the brokenhearted.

Our vision is to reach, rescue and restore men, women and children so that the glory of God may be known. Each of these precious ones is part of a notoriously difficult-to-reach demographic that includes the homeless, commercially sexually exploited and at-risk, underprivileged children.  We have seen the injustice visited upon these lives, and we are determined to be aggressive in our response.

Through His goodness, God has allowed us to partner with Him in bringing restoration to those shunned by society through three powerful ministries: iAm, (men); Out of Darkness, (women); and Metro Kidz, (children).  Each day, we strive to reach, rescue and restore these dear ones not through our might but His.

The need is great, and the time is short. We have faith in your willingness to respond to the need that is before us and we know that He will be faithful in accomplishing the work that He has begun here in the city of Atlanta.

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