Answering the Call with Chuck Reich and Dr. Paul Meier with Meier Clinics

Chuck Reich interviews ministries on Answering the Call that are making a difference around the world. In this episode Chuck interviews Dr. Paul Meier, Founder of Meier Clinics (A leading faith-based mental health and substance abuse treatment center in Dallas, TX), Global Samaritan Resources, 40 Days for Life, and Union Gospel Mission of Dallas. Each of these ministries is dedicated to the communities they serve in, whether it's in the US or in far off mission fields.

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Horizon Media Studios is featuring Christ-centered ministries who are "ANSWERING THE CALL". Every believer in Christ has a call on their life to serve Him, using the gifts He has given them. This call is not just for the preacher, the teacher, or the evangelist. It is for each of us... - To share the gospel of Jesus Christ with a lost and dying world - To inspire the Body of Christ - To minister the Word of God to the faithful - To partner with other organizations in ministering God’s Word We invite you to tune into the TV Series "ANSWERING THE CALL" to be inspired and challenged to put "feet to your faith".