Help Me Push My Stone Up The Hill

Enjoy the new song Help Me Push My Stone Up The Hill. It captures the challenge of the difficult times we are all feeling today -- and it dramatically portrays the “Hero’s Journey” that each of us is on.

Gratitude - A Daily Mindfulness Engagement Tool  A Soundtrack of Serenity - The Gratitude Musical/Visual series provides brief Energizing and Relaxing Empowerment Infusions. Created through the collaboration of Grammy Award-winning Producer Alex Wand, bilingual musician Rayko, and Producer Frank Kilpatrick, Gratitude couples global musical material from eclectic spiritual disciplines and non-religious sources, mystical microtonal arrangements, beautiful vocals, binaural beats and enchanting visuals with affirming on-screen lyrical messages to create a delightful synthesis that Engages and Entrains The Brain toward a personal connection with inner peace,   Gratitude contains unique “microtonal” musical refinements that seductively engage brain processes in ways not available through conventional tonality. This therapeutic value is based on proven scientific principles in targeting brain centers through sub-threshold messages believed to increase Alpha waves and reduce stress.