Wendell Fields

As an Engagement Specialist at Viewpoint Health and as a Field Care Consultant at Behavioral Health Link of the Georgia Crisis and Access Line, Wendell Fields is a part of Georgia’s leading, responsive, and innovative teams providing mental health services to multiple counties.  Wendell has given over 27 years of service to his community in this field.  Wendell relates and communicates from a personal perspective.  He has been diagnosed with Depression and attempted suicide.  Wendell understands the feelings, thoughts, and behaviors that may lead to one saying, “Forget this thing called life.”  Wendell has obtained a Certification as an Instructor in Question, Persuade, and Refer (QPR) Training; to educate and bring about awareness about the issues of suicide and its devastating effects.  With his inner buoyancy and compassionate flame, let them warm you, ignite you, and connect you to a purposeful life in which can share your genuineness, your warmth, and your passion with others.  Let him provide you with a light of hope, the courage to dream, and a renewed sense of confidence to overcome the stigma, naysayers, and those who devalue a person with a disability or any person.

Category: Inspirational

This series MY BROTHER'S KEEPER was inspired by President Barack Obama and his MBK Alliance. The alliance holds programs for adolescents in need of mentorship. In this series, we interview Black individuals who have triumphed over great adversity growing up Black in America. These stories were captured a year and a half before the murder of George Floyd (May he Rest In Peace and condolences to his family and this Nation in pain) but each of the episodes of MY BROTHER'S KEEPER is meant to motivate, excite, intrigue, entertain, and educate our beautiful communities of color and beyond. The series is also meant to inspire people who watch to positively impact the lives of young Black individuals across this and other countries around the globe.