Javionn Nolla

Javionn Nolla Believes he has the next story that could change many lives for the better. My story is about transformation/ transitioning in a physical sense, as well as a spiritual, mental and emotional sense to. I’m a male of trans experience. Due to my experience I’ve been through man trials and tribulations that I know many people can relate to, once given a new perspective. Most people only pay attention to the physical changes, but the most important changes on my journey have been the spiritual/ mental and emotional changes. It’s deeper than gender or gender identity... it’s a metamorphosis and all of us face and endure our own transformations. None of us are alone when it comes to growth. Though, many of us tend to feel like we are.

Category: Inspirational

This series MY BROTHER'S KEEPER was inspired by President Barack Obama and his MBK Alliance. The alliance holds programs for adolescents in need of mentorship. In this series, we interview Black individuals who have triumphed over great adversity growing up Black in America. These stories were captured a year and a half before the murder of George Floyd (May he Rest In Peace and condolences to his family and this Nation in pain) but each of the episodes of MY BROTHER'S KEEPER is meant to motivate, excite, intrigue, entertain, and educate our beautiful communities of color and beyond. The series is also meant to inspire people who watch to positively impact the lives of young Black individuals across this and other countries around the globe.