Space Expedition

Solar system / Galaxies, constellations and stars / Space objects This time we will make a fascinating trip through outer space and we will realize how small we are in front of such greatness. We will start exploring the solar system visiting each one of the nine planets that conforms it and we will know its physical characteristics, its chemical composition, rotation times, quantities of moons, and the powerful and fast storms that are generated in its interior. We will continue with the lights that embellish our nights: the stars. We will learn about constellations, galaxies and some features that have been granted to some stars such as Polar Star, which has provided guidance before there were compasses, or Sirius, that determines according to its position, the station in which we are. We will also learn about a very special distance unit called “light year”. Finally we will see another type of objects that are in space such as asteroids, comets, meteoroids, meteors and meteorites. The wonderful sky that surround us is the place of many incredible things that at a distance look tiny, but they really surpass our expectations with their immensity.

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