Pop Culture / Pop Art

What is Pop Culture / Pop Culture in each decade / Pop Art / Featured Artists of Pop Art / Importance of Pop Art. The theme of this episode is particularly interesting, since we will talk of everything that moves the masses: "Pop Culture" which is nothing more than the abbreviation of "popular culture". We will know what it is varying in each generation. That's why we will travel in time from the 50's until the present and we will see how people looked like, their hairstyles and clothes, as well as artists who left their mark with their music and style in each time. Within pop culture, we can highlight the "Pop Art". We will learn innovative artistic movements that gained momentum in the late 50's and were exposed in important museums such as the Guggenheim and the MOMA. We will know who the most outstanding authors were, and we will delight ourselves with their wonderful and peculiar works. We will end with the importance of Pop Art, being something that interconnects us all as an expression of what we like in general, with a simple and universally understandable language, in other words, it is the art of the people.

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