What is the nobleness? / Characteristics / Situations that denote nobleness / The 9 nobleness virtues / Noble actions / Noble characters in the history of humanity / When are we noble? In this opportunity the central theme of the episode will be "Nobleness", not as what alludes to royalty, but as that quality that people possess. We will define its concept, characteristics and situations that denote nobleness. We will go to the ancient Scandinavian world of the Vikings, who established the nine ethical codes they called "Noble Virtues". Courage, truth, honor, loyalty, discipline, industry, self-confidence, hospitality and perseverance. We will learn the meaning of each of them and also know some noble actions. Finally, we will talk about some characters in the history of humanity, who became famous for their acts of nobleness. And we will also think about what moments we put into action some of those nine virtues that we mentioned previously, this way we will realize that we all have something of nobleness without being of the nobility.

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