May we all be Maestros

Great composers of classical music / Jazz and influence of classical music in modern music / The 3 eras of classical music / How to develop musical abilities. Giving continuity to the world of arts, this time we embark on an art that moves the world, "Music", the universal language. We will begin our journey knowing three of the great composers of classical music in history such as Mozart, Bach and Tchaikovsky. Then we will talk about Jazz, which although it was a creation of African-Americans in New Orleans, we will see that it’s influenced by classical music, in fact it’s known as American classical music. We will learn that there are 3 eras in classical music that were: classical, baroque and romantic. Music is a skill that we can learn and develop, so we will see what steps we should follow. With perseverance and discipline, we will be able to be part of the music, contributing with personal growth and intelligence.

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