What is Literature? / Types of Literature. Novels, poetry, kids’ stories / Famous writers. Other Types of literature / Why is good to read. In this opportunity we will enter into an interesting topic, very important for the cultural formation of individuals. Literature, what is it, its different purposes, history and genres. We will also talk about children's literature and key elements that comprise a literary piece. We will know that in many opportunities a poem to unite it with music becomes a song. Kids will also be encouraged to write a poem, understanding that in art there are no mistakes, only one favorite topic is enough and letting flow creativity and passion. Then we will take a walk by some of the most famous general and children’s literature authors, and we will discover that many of those titles have been taken to movies. Regarding children's literature, we will talk about different types of books for children, inviting them to read as it stimulates the imagination. In this sense, how to write a story is a wonderful way to explore creativity and become perennial in time.

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