What is creativity? / Where and how can you be creative? / Being unique / Recommendations to stimulate the imagination / Creative games. In this episode, our trip will be in the world of creativity and its concept. We will know that it’s something you are born with, but you can also develop it to achieve success in many aspects of life. For this we will see several examples of the areas where you can be creative and how to do it. We will talk about being unique, since by using our imagination the essence of each individual is shown, so that it’s not necessary to copy others, but to have the confidence in themselves to express one's own, understanding that it doesn’t always flow in the same way and It's just a matter of accepting and trying. And to continue trying, we will see some recommendations of games and elements that stimulate the imagination. The last stop will be in the creative games, inviting to release a little technology and predesigned things, to give way precisely to creativity and simply be different.

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