How to honor your word / How to express what you feel with the right words / How to behave when others talk How to show good manners when we talk / How to learn and use correct language when we talk / How to show respect to everyone when we talk. In this episode we will discover the value and importance of communication. We will learn the correct ways to communicate and the main rules of the good listener. We will know in which sites we can raise our voice and when we should respect the silence of others. We will talk about the rumors and how harmful they are for effective communication. We will learn about the power of the word and how when we use them, we make happy or sad our family, friends or colleagues.

About: Kids' Planet
A fun and engaging edutainment series for kids that reinforces morals and manners taught to children by parents, grandparents and teachers, at home and in school. From humility and forgiveness, to honesty and empathy, the show helps kids understand the importance of being courteous and developing good character to make wise choices in life.