Classical Time Travel

Ancient Greece / Middle Age / The Renaissance / Baroque Period. It’s a habit to travel together, but this time we will travel in time learning the legacies that have been left in different cultures. We will start our trip 2500 years ago in Ancient Greece and we will see that it’s known by its famous philosophers, for being the cradle of astronomy, of the Olympic Games, the democracy, among others. Then we will go to the Middle Age, known as a dark stage for its wars and plagues, but had positive aspects such as the preparation of the Magna Carta and various artistic creations. We will go to the Renaissance period which as the word says, is a reborn from the dark, which left many important contributions such as the printing press, the works of Da Vinci, the trips of Marco Polo, the works of Shakespeare and the astronomical discoveries of Galileo. Our last destination will be the Baroque period, noted for being extravagant and very ornamented, both in its architecture and decoration, as in its clothes and hairstyles. At that time they begin to make public the first operas, musicians such as Vivaldi, Handel and Bach are introduced. In literature appear characters like Miguel de Cervantes and in science Newton tells us about gravity. A definitely rich episode of culture with very valuable information that all must know.

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