In this new episode of Kids’ Planet we will explore the corners of outer space where only the brave ones can reach. Curious will teach us two very powerful "Planet Tools": the first is DETERMINATION, to know what we want to do and why we should do it; and the second is WILL, that is the ability to decide what we do and keep the control over our behavior, also to overcome our fears with the help of our parents, teachers and friends. And most importantly we will learn in a very funny way that being brave doesn’t mean not being afraid, but acting in spite of fear. We will discover that "courage" is inside each one of us and that not only the superheroes and movie characters are brave. We will learn that determination allows us to face our fears, while will pushes us to do things with passion.

About: Kids' Planet
A fun and engaging edutainment series for kids that reinforces morals and manners taught to children by parents, grandparents and teachers, at home and in school. From humility and forgiveness, to honesty and empathy, the show helps kids understand the importance of being courteous and developing good character to make wise choices in life.