A Life of Service to others

What is a Life of Service to others? / Why is it better to live a life of Service? Know yourself first before you service others / Things you can do to service others / How can you service others? / Be the best version of yourself. One of the most important values of the human being will be the central theme of this episode, "Service to others". Beginning with its meaning and the wonderful feeling we experience when helping others when they need it. In addition to the multiplying and transcendental effect it has. How to do it? It’s very easy, we will know a couple of ideas of the ways in which we can help. We can’t only serve people but we can also take care of animals and nature. But in order to take care of all these, we must start by taking care of ourselves. We will know how to do it with some examples and we will state different reasons we have to help others. On the other hand we will see several professions with vocation of service that can be chosen. But if you don’t choose any of them, we will also offer different options to help in your daily life. We will end with the way of expressing kindness to others although sometimes it’s not easy, since at times it’s others who are not kind to us. However the invitation is to be tenacious and see above that, because sometime that lack of kindness denotes inner sadness or even those people don’t know the way to love. That is why before judging, lets help in that way too, thus being the best version of ourselves.

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