Resilience, Organization and Justice

In this opportunity, they return to the study of Human Nature: Jacinta the resilient jellyfish, with the story of Moani, a girl who was very sad because she had to start her school year in a different section than her usual group of friends. But it will be Jacinta who will give her the energy to move forward in the face of such an important change. Next, Mauritz the mouse will instill in us the organization, not only with our personal objects, but with our lifestyle, activities and tasks, so that everything works properly and harmoniously. Finally, Hercules the Heron will speak to us about justice. We all have rights, which it is up to us to defend, just as we also have duties that we must fulfill. In this way we are able to live in harmony.

About: Human Nature
A brand-new educational series with a fresh, unique format – a children’s entertainment talk show, where distinguished representatives of the animal kingdom share their wisdom to convey virtues and values to their favorite people: kids.  The series teaches positive behavior and character strength through fun and engaging tales, told by all kinds of animal friends while kids are entertained along the way.