Loyalty, Self-control and Integrity

This first part brings as guests three beautiful puppies, Snowble, Spike and Ginger, who visited us before and who better than them to talk to us about loyalty, an indispensable value not only in friendship relationships, but in all relationships. They will also tell us how we can make it manifest. To continue, Skipper the seahorse will arrive to remind us of the importance of self-control. At times, there are situations that generate impulses, leading us to lose control of our emotions and this is precisely what we will learn to handle. We will end with Carla, Jade's cousin giraffe who is an expert in integrity, so she will come to tell us a story about a little girl, Olivia, who was at a crossroads when her friend Michael, who has always been kind to her, asked her to perform a dishonest action. But Olivia's integrity will prevail.

About: Human Nature
A brand-new educational series with a fresh, unique format – a children’s entertainment talk show, where distinguished representatives of the animal kingdom share their wisdom to convey virtues and values to their favorite people: kids.  The series teaches positive behavior and character strength through fun and engaging tales, told by all kinds of animal friends while kids are entertained along the way.