Innovation, Citizenship and Enthusiasm

We will begin this episode with the visit of Ollie, the oropendola bird, to talk to us about Innovation, which is when our curiosity or need leads us to find new solutions and challenges. Then Ecco the Eagle will tell us how important is the meaning of citizenship, which is about the relationship we have with the members of the community in which we live. First with our neighborhood, and then with our city and country. It is also about complying with rules and regulations for community harmony. And finally, Mila the suricata, will fill us with enthusiasm with the story of Joao and his comet. We must undertake everything with enthusiasm, from the beginning of our day, so that it turns out in the best possible way.

About: Human Nature
A brand-new educational series with a fresh, unique format – a children’s entertainment talk show, where distinguished representatives of the animal kingdom share their wisdom to convey virtues and values to their favorite people: kids.  The series teaches positive behavior and character strength through fun and engaging tales, told by all kinds of animal friends while kids are entertained along the way.