Humor, Optimism and Initiative

In this opportunity, Human Nature brings back three guests to reinforce three important values. We will begin with Max the Monkey, who will fill us with humor, which is an energy that produces smiles and laughter in others. It is extremely contagious, and produces well-being, not only for ourselves, but also for others. It will also let us know that not all people react equally to certain types of humor, so we must be careful not to disturb others. We will continue with Ralah the Rooster to give us as much optimism as possible, thus allowing us to see in difficult situations the opportunities to grow and achieve our goals. An important fuel for our life. Finally Rayu the rhinoceros will remind us of the importance of having initiative, not only to undertake a project, but to solve different situations. As happened to Krishna a girl who had to take the initiative to get a coach for her cricket team, because otherwise, they would not enter the national tournament.

About: Human Nature
A brand-new educational series with a fresh, unique format – a children’s entertainment talk show, where distinguished representatives of the animal kingdom share their wisdom to convey virtues and values to their favorite people: kids.  The series teaches positive behavior and character strength through fun and engaging tales, told by all kinds of animal friends while kids are entertained along the way.