Care, Full Attention and Tenacity

In this opportunity he visits us in the study of Human Nature: Piper the pelican, to talk to us about care, which is the value that drives us to do things the best way possible, to treat others well and conserve our environment in optimum condition, respecting animals and plants. Then Kendall the koala, will teach Ashley a girl from Melbourne Australia that we need to live longer with full attention, without the distractions of our electronic equipment. We have a wonderful planet where thousands of interesting situations occur, which we will only be able to appreciate with full attention. Finally, Takashi the tiger will tell us that tenacity is the quality that makes us reach our dreams and goals, because when we are tenacious, we insist on achieving goals, we have will and we always strive.

About: Human Nature
A brand-new educational series with a fresh, unique format – a children’s entertainment talk show, where distinguished representatives of the animal kingdom share their wisdom to convey virtues and values to their favorite people: kids.  The series teaches positive behavior and character strength through fun and engaging tales, told by all kinds of animal friends while kids are entertained along the way.