Tikal, Abu Dhabi, Naples Pompeii - The World Is Yours

We will travel the through exuberant forest of Guatemala in our expedition to the Mayan temples. Are you ready to explore some tombs? Old City… And this is where we can find relics of the conquerors ... And ruins of this new era in the history of Guatemala ... In fact, Guatemala was the largest coffee exporter in Central America for much of the 20th century. Currently, coffee remains one of the most valuable exports in the country. From the spiritual ruins of the past, we will go to a temple built for the future. We will travel to Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, an authentic "Oasis in the desert" to admire its modern skyscrapers. And before finishing, we will visit the catacombs hidden beneath the city of Naples.

A dynamic series for the whole family that circles the globe taking viewers on an exciting journey of discovery. We’ll visit different continents, countries, cities and towns, and explore their unique cultures, history, attractions, sports, art, food, music, and much more.