Sydney, Panamá, Tokio - The World Is Yours

In this episode we will to travel to Sydney, the most populated city in Australia and Oceania with almost 5 million inhabitants! This city is a combination of beaches for surfing and a magnificent natural harbor. Sydney has countless natural attractions, such as beautiful public gardens, islands in the bay and unspoiled coasts. A metropolis with a variety of places to visit such as the Opera House, the Tower Eye and the "Sydney Harbor Bridge" over Sydney Bay. In the next adventure, we crossed several continents to reach the Isthmus of Panama; The geographical scenario of the Panama Canal,which offers the world a wide platform of maritime, commercial, real estate and financial services, including the Colon Free Zone, which is the largest free zone in the continent and the second in the world. You will also visit the Casco Viejo, the colonial side of town. This week the adventure concludes in Tokyo, Japan. This city and its adjacencies take a quarter of the Japanese population, 12 million souls in one place, which makes it a chaotic and modest area at the same time, where the mere fact of seeing people on the street is a tourist attraction. You will visit the Tsukiji Market, the Ueno District, and the Tokyo Tower, a famous communications tower located in the center of the capital whose design was based on the well-known Eiffel Tower in Paris.

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