Santorini, Hong Kong, Mexico - The World Is Yours

We will travel to Santorini, to build castles of red sand, or black sand, on the beach of Akrotiri. We will see how much fun Santorini offers us, along its mountain range, with its emblematic towns, although hidden on the side of a volcanic mountain, are villages that are full of activity at any time of the day. We will make a stop for tea in Hong Kong and learn about its history. With one of the largest and most iconic horizons in the world, our next destination will make you believe that the past and the present merge in perfect harmony. If you want to try something more traditional of classical Chinese cuisine, enjoy a "Dim sum", a custom similar to British "tea time". "Dim sum" literally means drinking tea. On the last leg of this trip we will explore Mexico City searching for the remains of civilizations that no longer exist The Aztec Empire. Perhaps, we will even find evidence of some that many believe that never existed. According to what is known about them, it was a civilization quite advanced and capable of supporting hundreds of thousands of people.

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