Nashville, Shangai, Antwerp - The World Is Yours

On our trip today, we will discover the definition of southern hospitality on the roads of Nashville, Tennessee, where some of the greatest stars of the country music world live, we will walk by Music Raw where we can dance, attend a concert or enjoy a game of American Football and we will delight ourselves with a tasty Jambalaya. Then we go to Shanghai, to ride the fastest and most modern train. The bullet train. We will visit the Yuyuan Garden and participate in one of the most beautiful celebrations. The festival of lanterns, one of the oldest traditions of China that can still be found in the current culture. And After a quick view from one of the tallest buildings in the world. We will cross two continents to reach our final destination. Antwerp in Belgium a historical place full of mythological giants and diamonds. We will visit the Central Train Station, one of the most beautiful buildings on the planet, and very close by we will spend a day observing more than 950 animal species in the Antwerp Zoo built more than 150 years ago.

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