Madagascar, New Orleans, Edinburgh - The World Is Yours

This time in "The World is Yours" will take you to a very peculiar island: Madagascar! There we will spend time in the company of the strangest creations of Nature. Caverns, beaches, reefs and exuberant forests where the most exotic fauna and flora of the planet coexist, will be the destination of this wonderful journey in which you will be received by its friendly inhabitants and their zest for life! Now, if what you are looking for is to share with friends and feel like at home, nothing like New Orleans’ southern hospitality. Get ready because the food and the music are not the only charms of this moving city. History, customs and colorful festivals await you in the streets of this picturesque place. This tour ends with a trip to the past, to the age of castles and cathedrals at Edinburg! Where you'll feel as the star of stories of knights in armor, you will listen to the stories of the soldiers who participated in the siege of the castle and visit the Cathedral of St. Egidio to enjoy its architecture with original stained-glass windows of the XXIV century it's really worth knowing!

A dynamic series for the whole family that circles the globe taking viewers on an exciting journey of discovery. We’ll visit different continents, countries, cities and towns, and explore their unique cultures, history, attractions, sports, art, food, music, and much more.