Marquis & Theresa- The Dream

When stage actor Marquis Laughlin asked God for a wife, the Lord told him in a dream she’d be in the audience at one of his shows. He felt at peace until one night in the middle of a crowded room, he received a second supernatural message. It was clear, specific, but this time came wrapped in a question that left Marquis absolutely speechless.

Winning at Love, Spirit-filled Stories about Dating and Romance is an upbeat, family-friendly doc series for Christian singles about how to find and pursue the right partner in life. Eight diverse couples share their unforgettable stories about how they won the heart of the one they loved in the face of formidable obstacles, insecurities and fears. Their testimonies will make you laugh, cry and cheer as you get swept up in these touching, inspirational and often humorous romantic quests so full of wisdom and memorable moments.