Terrence Fielder, a college freshmen, who has been granted the opportunity to experience his 1st semester living on campus. He is many miles away from the strong Christian influences of his mother and he is eager to explore all the pleasurable activities of college life. His choice to intentionally ignore the scriptures that he was taught as a child has deceived him into believing that God is obligated to forever forgive all his trespasses, since he always asked for forgiveness. Unfortunately Terrence is about to find out that God’s love and mercy will not be abused and that his careless misuse of God’s grace has caused his story has ended up here in the Rapture Chronicles!

Starring: Daniel Jeffries, Rodney Hobson, Billie Rae Bates, Staffy Blakely and Tamika Willis Story, Music, Director, Camera Operator, casting and editing by DRAY HILL / Assistant Director, Camera Operator and Casting by: CARMEN GREER / Camera Operator by ODEATHER HILL / Green Screen Editing by: ANTHONY GREEN / Voicer-over by: MONICA WOOTEN

The Rapture Chronicles is a series of stories that presents different groups of people, from diverse backgrounds, living with different situations with one common challenge. Will they choose to secure their salvation by living in faith according to the word of God and be ready for the Rapture? Or will they make excuses for their wrong choices and not be ready when the Rapture takes place? Watch each episode to find out!