Evelyn Scott.. is looking forward to reuniting with two of her class mates, as they make their way to the high school reunion. These three young ladies graduated together...and have not seen each other in over 12 years. On this very special day they are looking forward to meeting up and talk about the good old days and bring each other up to date with what’s happening in their lives now. Unfortunately, they are unawares that this reunion will turn out to be more important than they could have ever imagined. On this day...each one of these young women will be making a very important decisions. A decision that they will only have one last chance to make. A decisions will seal their eternal destinies. Staring: Carmen Greer, Jala Buckley and Emily J. Buckner Story, Production and Music by: Dray Hill

The Rapture Chronicles is a series of stories that presents different groups of people, from diverse backgrounds, living with different situations with one common challenge. Will they choose to secure their salvation by living in faith according to the word of God and be ready for the Rapture? Or will they make excuses for their wrong choices and not be ready when the Rapture takes place? Watch each episode to find out!