Best-selling author Holley Gerth on giftedness of Introverts

The amazing, best-selling author Holley Gerth joins us to chat about how to fully function in and to be blessed by our biological and genetic wiring (specifically introvert & extrovert).

"All of us are perfectly designed for God's purpose for OUR lives," Holley shares, "not for anyone else's. For ours; we have what it takes."

This chat is chock full of encouragement for introverts, for those who walk next to introverts, for extroverts -- okay, for us all. Stay tuned until the end for Holley's terrific tips to a joy-filled life!

Holley Gerth is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, licensed counselor, and life coach. She imagines a world where we all become who we’re created to be, use our strengths to serve, and grow for a lifetime. Holley cofounded the groundbreaking blogging community (in)courage and cohosts the popular podcast More Than Small Talk.

For audio only:

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