World-Renowned Quadriplegic Artist Tommy Hollenstein at Galeria Bezalel

Although Tommy is a humble Christian artist, he is collected by rock n roll royalty Slash, Ringo Starr and Elton John.  Tommy graciously held a world premiere of his new piece "Milan" at Galeria Bezalel and is donating a substantial percentage of the revenues to MotorGospel Ministries.  In the video, Tommy gives a live demo of his wheelchair painting technique and as a BONUS, we get to see the first wheelstrokes of a brand new quadriplegic artist with Tommy's wonderful encouragement.

MotorGospel Ministries has both Christian activities and non-religious benevolent activities.  Our most notable Christian activity is our unique Saturday morning Sabbath Service.  Our most impactful non-religious benevolent activity is the anti-street-racing program that we operate in cooperation with the LAPD and LA City Council.  Founder Aaron Schwartzbart left the space program after 28 years as a rocket scientist to devote full time to the ministry. With degrees in physics and theology, Schwartzbart is a 4-time champion race car driver and an ordained minister.