Debut of the Cadet Race Team Car at the 2016 NASA National Championships

MotorGospel Ministries rolled out their fully-caged, track-ready police pursuit vehicle co-branded with LAPD and MotorGospel colors at the 2016 NASA National Championships.

MotorGospel Ministries has both Christian activities and non-religious benevolent activities.  Our most notable Christian activity is our unique Saturday morning Sabbath Service.  Our most impactful non-religious benevolent activity is the anti-street-racing program that we operate in cooperation with the LAPD and LA City Council.  Founder Aaron Schwartzbart left the space program after 28 years as a rocket scientist to devote full time to the ministry. With degrees in physics and theology, Schwartzbart is a 4-time champion race car driver and an ordained minister.