Winning the past

God gives us opportunities in some issues to deal with certain things in our life so as to clear up things that will fight us in the future.

There are certain things in our life that have to be closed and closed forever especially our dealings with the world. there are people you have to let go and leave your life for you to fulfill destiny. In doing this, God will allow you to transit with a clean record.

Brinmi Ministries is a non-denominational ministry, seeking to reach God’s people all over the world with the Gospel. Brinmi focuses on the Kingdom of God, the Father and His children. It has the vision to reach God’s people with the message of the Kingdom, leading them into their inheritance in Christ.  Brinmi ministries bring cutting edge revelations that empower men and women to discover and fulfill their God-given purpose in life and to enjoy the seven dimensions of God’s plan for mankind on earth: purpose, health, fellowship, security, marriage, dominion, and wealth. This is the summary of the mentorship mandate of Brinmi ministries; a mandate which birthed the on-going establishment of YUL (Yasha University of Life).  Leveraging on the Internet and cyber space, it transcends physical boundaries in the spread of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Currently, it houses an online radio and TV station. It has its current headquarters at #6 Chika Odimara Crescent, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria with offices in Douala, Cameroon and Lagos, Nigeria.  The teachings offered in Brinmi are serial. That implies that they build upon each other. God’s servant, Innocent Nwawuike has been consistent in delivering the revelations God has given him over the years. It is highly recommended that you tune in each week (stream Brinmi radio and TV on or click on this link to download Brinmi Radio app: Growth is after all, a process. About Innocent Nwawuike  Innocent was just a good child growing up, without really knowing God on a deep, personal level. His turning point in life happened while at the state library in Imo State in the eastern part of Nigeria. He read a book there that changed his life. Wisdom of the Spanish Mystics by Stephen Clissold (focusing on the writings of old saints in the church like St Theresa of Avila, John of the Cross among others). He had subsequent encounters with God that confirmed the call of God upon his life.  In the year 2000, he joined the Charismatic students Group while on campus and later became their leader. After graduation from the higher institution, he founded some Charismatic youth groups in different secondary schools. He had a zeal and passion to see young people live for Jesus, a passion that lives on today. After his youth service, he worked with Reverend Patrick Henry Edet of Grace Family Global Outreach as one of the founding servants of God. He went into full time ministry in 2008, founding Mirror of Liberty Ministry; an evangelistic association with a revival and deliverance mandate to lead Christians into their inheritance in Christ. Through this platform, the Gospel of our Lord Jesus was preached in crusades and gospel outreaches held in remote areas of different states. This spanned for a period of over eight years. Many healings, deliverance and miracles broke out during these meetings. Known community voodoo priests gave their lives to Christ.  He has been invited to minister in a countless number of prayer meetings within and outside Nigeria. Many have experienced and testified of being healed and delivered during his ministration. By the leading and help of the Holy Spirit, he is currently the President of BRINMI Ministries, Yasha Group of Schools (Yasha University of Life). He has authored life-changing books like Receive Your healing, Attracting the right partner, Purpose: the key to a fulfilled life, Restored to Eden, and many more.  He is happily married to his wife and destiny partner, Emmanuella Nwawuike and they are blessed with five children. They live in Imo State, Nigeria.